Our core sector and greatest experience is related to the marine environment. As islanders we feel comfortable with subsea challenges.

SAUC-E International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Competition.

Conversion of terrestrial machinery for teleoperated subsea operations.

Participation in euRathlon International Outdoors Multidomain Competition.

Sustainable Solutions for Dredging Operations including new concepts of subsea vehicles.

Sea Mining Skid (SMS) for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) to detect minerals through ionic sensors.


Within our staff we have also a background in Astronomical Instrumentation and the proximity to one of the best spots for astronomical observation in the world, Roque de Los Muchachos and El Teide.

Gyrostabilizer for Cartography applications

Development of a compact gyrostabilizer to hold cameras and cartography sensors to be mounted in planes, helicopters or drones.

Cryogenic actuators

Precision drive system for cryogenic linear actuators for Astronomical Instrumentation.

Additive Manufacturing

Applied to Space and Astronomical Instrumentation structures in order to make it stronger and lighter.

Zepelling Drone

Development of a hybrid drone-zeppeling for longer endurance.


Aligned with the Canaries RIS3 too, we have done a lot of research in this field, including a PhD. We have been working for many years in very specialized niches within the biomedical and biotechnical fields.

Stamp Templates for Recipient-Site Creation

Development of stamp templates to paint the recipient sites of a hair implant surgical operation onto the patient’s scalp skin before making the incisions to produce homogeneous density results (Jiménez and Sosa-Cabrera, 2012).


Cloud based baby monitoring device including the sensors and the communication station.

Syringe pump for cell culture

This project was developed for the ITC, ULPGC and Hospital Negrín with the objective of manufacturing a low-cost system for microfluidic cell culture. The concept behind the idea is a 2.0 petri dish having a monitorized and tele-controlled system framed within Tissue Engineering ongoing research. The system controls the rate of medium flow to renew it, the temperature and the CO2 level in order to adjust the pH index.

Academic Collaborations

Support and collaboration with academic research such as End of Degree Projects, Thesis, etc.

Algae Biorreactor

This project developed for the ITC consisted on the development of a set of small bioreactors focused on finding optimal cultivation parameters, i.e. a test bed for the fermentation process, saving time compared with the parameterization through a standard single bioreactor in which the parameters are changed over time. This way the can be launched up to 18 experiments in parallel with parameter variations (CO2 and O2) to find the optimal culture medium for the ideal growth. Once the medium and optimal parameters are found, the production is moved to the right size bioreactors.