What is the problem?

  • Most of the organic chicken farms globally, use hybrid super-productive breeds. There is a problem of genetic diversity.

  • Those dominant breeds have had a long history of genetic selection. This has not happened with the local breeds, as usually these farms are small and the CAPEX required for robotization is not an option.

  • GRANDMABOT is focused on giving organic poultry reproducers the opportunity to work sustainably both environmentally and economically with different local breeds.

What is grandmaBot?

  • Grandmabot–individual scanning system.

  • SmartNestBox It is a commercial style nestbox upgraded with a mechatronic system that integrates in each laying cell an RFID antenna, a scale machine and a sensor to detect an egg.

  • Software-management of the genealogical book of different breeds and for the collection and management of the morphological classifications of the animals with the aim of recognizing the best reproducers.

How is going to help to local breeds reproducers?

  • First ever robotic approach for making economically viable the business of local breeds reproducer.

  • Adaptable, scalable, modular.

  • Renting or selling business approach.

  • Data usability and predictive maintenance.

Who is the team?

A consortium of 4 companies with different capacities and experience in various sectors have come together to develop and market these products and services.

"Abuela Luisa", is an end user improving de Raza Sureña with business expertise. The team will pilot and improve the system in the Abuela Luisa farm. The other 3 companies " squaads, Gescan and SubSea Mechatronics are respetively experts in genetics selection, software development and mechatronics.