SSM as Finalist at Water Europe Innovation Awards 2023

It was an honor for us to assist to the Water Europe Innovation Awards 2023 as one of the shortlisted candidates for the Water SME Award. This is an important recognition for our Pipe Inspector ROV, an innovative and ground-breaking solution in the water sector. We want to thanks to the organization and congrats all the competitors and the winners.

Water innovation award 2023 nomination

We are pleased to share that we have been selected as one of the official candidates for the Water Innovation Europe Awards 2023, thanks to the development of our pipe inspection ROV solution, SOLEA-PIPEYE.

The WIE Awards give applicants the opportunity to stand out in different fields of water specializations, in our case, we have developed this project to optimize plant operation and maintenance, what will lead to a cost-effective approach and a reduction of CO2 emission.

This ROV can improve the effectiveness of pipe inspections, giving important data of the inside of the pipes, such as cracks, leaks, growth assessment and evaluation or clogging problems, as well as it increases the security in cleaning flooded pipes, allowing to replace divers in hazardous environments, such as confined spaces with presence of chemicals (link to press release of the technology:

You can see more on our Linkedin here.

Subsea Mechatronics: Inspection and cleaning procedures in flooded confined spaces

When Dario Sosa, founder and CEO of Subsea Mechatronics (SSM), got in touch about an exciting, new project, we were keen to hear more. The biggest challenge as they embarked on a new innovation was a visibility near zero, making regular video footage useless for documentation. Luis Sanchez, CTO of Subsea Mechatronics, stated “Deploying human divers to carry out these inspections would not only yield poor results; it would be a health and safety hazard.” Needless to say, we did not require much convincing to participate in this intriguing project... More.

Innovative Robotic Rail Inspector "ICaRo" Wins Best Robotics Project at the Advanced Factories Awards 2022

The robot ICaRo (Robotic Rail Inspector for overhead bridge cranes), whose objective is the inspection of weld points on crane rails, as well as their preventive cleaning, and which has been developed thanks to the collaboration between SubSea Mechatronics and Serveo Industries, has won the award for Best Robotics Project at the Factories of the Future awards 2022.

We would like to thank Serveo industries for their trust in our company for co-developing this project, and congratulations!

Here you can check all the winners of the event:

Premio Canario a la Excelencia Empresarial

We are very proud to have received the Canarian Award for Business Excellence in its XI edition, in the category of Small Non-Industrial Business, awarded by the Ministries of Tourism, Industry and Commerce; and the Economy, Knowledge and Employment of the Government of the Canary Islands, from the councilor Elena Máñez of the latter, during the 1st Congress of the Industry of the Canary Islands CICAN2022.

We want to thank both ministries for giving visibility to the Canarian industry in this time of global uncertainty that we live in, which reminds us day by day of the importance of having our own strong industry to minimize external dependencies. In this edition, technology-based and knowledge-intensive companies like ours are also made visible, which with the help of the Canarian Agency for Research, Innovation and Information Society (ACIISI) have been able to position ourselves to compete globally in the field of robotics for inspection, maintenance and cleaning of industrial assets.


The Spanish company SubSea Mechatronics (SSM) has developed an underwater ROV called PIPEYE that will allow Iberdrola's team to inspect and clean the large pipelines of our power plants, under the highest quality and safety standards. In 2022 the first part of the pilot has been carried out, and in 2023 a second phase will be implemented. 

Innovative SME

SSM has a valid certification of Innovative SME by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. 


The consortium formed by SSM and Wooptix has been awarded in the 2nd Open Call, 2021, of the RIMA cascade funding project in order to help the companies to carry out experiments for Inspection and Maintenance with SSM's robotics platform together with Wooptix light field cameras. 

Free Electrons

Thanks to the Free Electrons acceleration program in which we were preselected in 2021, SSM has been able to carry out a pilot with ESB inspecting 2 hydro electric plants in Ireland.


SSM was selected to participate in the 5th edition of BIND 4.0 by work together with the Corporate Partner of the program ENAGAS. The company carried out an inspection pilot in the premises of ENAGAS in Cartagena in 2020.  


In 2020, SSM received mentoring support from the EC within the BlueInvest readiness Assistance programme.


In 2019 SSM was selected for the final round of the acceleration program PortXL in Rotterdam, and was selected as one of the start-ups for that year, being the first Spanish company participating on the acceleration. SSM developed the market relations with companies such as Van Oord, Boskalis, DEME and others, for the Toolbot concept, during that year, with local presence in Rotterdam.

SME Instrument

SSM received funding in 2019 from the EC with the SME Instrument Phase I program, for the Toolbot feasibility study.


SSM was selected by RobotUnion among the 20 best robotics startups in 2019, after the 2nd Jury Day of the cascade funding programme:  More

ACIISI support

SSM has been granted 2 EATICs programmes (2018 and 2021) and 2 IPIs by the regional agency ACIISI. The financed projects can be seen in: Projects


SSM was selected to be accelerated in the ProtoAtlantic acceleration program in 2019. SSM got mentoring from The Dock nad access to the infraestructure of INESC-TEST to carry out pressure tests for our equipment. 


During 2018, SSM was accelerated by the FIMAC program with our IoT hardware and software developments.


Spanish CDTI from the Ministry of Science and Innovation has funded 2 projects FEDER Innterconecta Pluriregional in 2015 and 2016. To learn more visit: Projects