Agile design and fabrication of prototypes involving mechanics, electronics and software.


Repair and Maintenance

We offer repair and maintenance services for both, products developed by SSM and those assets of your company, specifically ROVs, AUVs, ASVs, UAVs, Marine Sensors and Technologies, and general robotics and mechatronics systems, embedded boards, etc.

In addition, we make repairs to underwater audio and video umbilicals, including splices. 


We offer development services from the inception phase of the product. We can produce conceptual designs and fabrication drawings, helping our customers to materialize their ideas. We can make the 3D model of the product, calculations and the fabrication drawings using CAD and FEA software.


Our expertise in fabrication is one of the key differences of the company, that allows us to design with the deep knowledge of the machinery to be used, from lathes to additive manufacturing. We offer our customers consulting and advice in their fabrication processes and we also have our own fabrication capabilities to develop prototypes, or short editions of final products.

Equipment rental

If you need any kind of underwater equipment to carry out your work, in SSM you can find a variety of devices such as CCTV, cameras, LED lights and video sweeping. In addition, our ROV, will help you carry out underwater studies of pipelines, submarine cables, submerged infrastructures, etc.