Meet Our Team

Professional Expertises

Subsea Mechatronics is an R&D start up SME focused on mechatronics developments and consultancy services. Mechanics, electronics and software are our strengths, including design and manufacturing. Our expertise as a group is focused on the marine environment, hence the name, but is not limited to this area, with the Marine and Aerospace industry, the two main strategy lines of the company. In addition to experience in these sectors of our partners, we also have expertise in the field of digital manufacturing, additive manufacturing, and in the field of bioengineering. The company is strengthened through network connections and linkage with academic and R&D centers with a strong presence in the scientific domain and participation within the european marine robotics community.

The company mission is to provide innovative integrated solutions in the subsea, aerospace and bioengineering sectors. Regarding marine technologies, SSM is also working on developments and projects related to ASVs, UAVs and robots with educational purposes, ROVs repair and maintenance, communication systems, positioning hardware and software, housings and electronics developments for vision systems and sensors (lasers, encoders, etc.), hydraulic components, propulsion sytems, etc.

Darío Sosa Cabrera


Darío Sosa, PhD has a strong background in developing and managing R&D projects. He is seeding now our projects coming in the next 5 years.

Aarón Martínez Romero


Aaron Martinez is an expert in robotics and mechatronics. He is always traveling around the world solving the problems of our clients.

Luis Sánchez Crespo


Luis Sánchez is a ROS master and our key person for the software and electronics developments. He loves carrying out projects in Galicia with our marine technology partners there.

Javier López Pérez

Electronics Engineer

Javier López is a very meticulous electronics engineer involved in the company since the first incubation projects related to marine technologies